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Music Bio

Sienna Stocky


Sienna Stocky is a young and talented singer songwriter with a distinctive voice that will quickly capture your heart.  Sienna’s music is in the alternative vein and her lyrics are well beyond her twenty one years.  Her music hints of Celtic influences but with a youthful American edge.  Sienna has recorded her own material at MovieSound Studios with Emmy Award-winning producer/composer David Traugh.  Her first CD, “Intertwined” is now available on iTunes or at  Sienna will also be appearing on the PBS show “Songs at the Center” which will air in April, 2018 on 146 stations in 25 states.  Stay tuned.

Sienna first sang on stage at a small music festival in the hills of southeast Ohio when she was just four years old.  At the age of nine, she was singing in front of thousands at campaign stops for Vice President Joe Biden.

Several years of traditional piano lessons helped provide a good musical foundation but Sienna always felt confined by the written score and began to compose her own melodies.  Despite this, she was hesitant to pair up her original piano pieces with lyrics.  She explains, “One day I was playing a piece I had written when my dad convinced me to just hum along with it”.  Within three months Sienna was writing her own songs with both words and music.  Sienna is now accompanying herself on both piano and guitar and has become a prolific songwriter.

Sienna has made a deliberate effort not to emulate other artists and has developed a sound and style which is compelling, recognizable, and all her own. We will definitely be hearing a lot more from this beautiful young lady as her talent and career continue to blossom.

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